The Affinity Story


We take exceptional pride in living the company’s core values:

  • Schedule Management
  • Fiscal Management
  • Value Added Engineering

Michael Tsompanas and Christian Brown

Affinity Fine Homes was founded in 2002 and has grown into one of the premier general contractors and construction management firms serving the metro Atlanta region.

We are dedicated to the highest levels of professionalism. Our rigorous construction standards and commitment to innovation are at the heart of our success and have earned us a solid dependable reputation and high referral rate from our customers.

At Affinity we take exceptional pride in living the company’s core values. They are reflected in every decision and each and every job.

Despite the unyielding and devastating effects on most General Contractors in recent times Affinity has managed to keep itself right sized and poised for an ever changing construction industry.

Affinity has managed to keep all of its material accounts current and subcontractor base intact and emerge from the negative effects of a broken economy. Through aggressive procurement and methodical management skills, Affinity remains a stable resource for its clients, business leaders and our local community.

Water Remediation and Fire Response:

T: +1 (404) 451-8900

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